Luister Music Magazine, “Gezangen uit de Occo Codex
The mood of the CD is, as it should be, one of utmost devotion. The ensemble sings in gentle, humming tones which reflects the repentance and contemplation in the music. This meditative quality of the music from the Occo Codex is perfectly expressed by The Barbers & Bishops.

Haarlems Dagblad on “Jingles & Bells”
The best of both worlds. Joni Mitchell’s description of the Christmas atmosphere in her exquisite “River”… has seldom been better covered…

De Haarlemmer
Chilling out with the B&B’s Christmas CD. The number one hit of this CD is undoubtedly the melancholic “River”: a Joni Mitchell number arranged in a medley together with the sugar-sweet “Jingle Bells”. Enough to give you goose pimples…This CD will definitely help you to chill out this Christmas… the vocal harmonies are wonderful. What you can achieve with the vocal instrument!

Concert in Hamm (Germany)
An unusual pleasure for us to enjoy the well-known Dutch group The B&B’s.
First of all the motets by William Byrd and Clemens non Papa, as clear as glass.
The “Song of Solomon” by Lechner was an absolute ace, filling the church with its tender delicacy. The Dutch guests performed sparkling contemporary music by Billy Joel, Steely Dan and Nina Hagen: a surprise sudden ending got everyone laughing.

Haarlems Dagblad, concert review
A perfectly balanced programme: quite an achievement when you consider that we listened to the same group all evening. They managed to avoid the familiar problem of programming one similar piece after another by creating a successful mixture of restrained and upbeat numbers. Barbers & Bishops sing in perfect tune and have developed a unified sound in the 15 years they have been singing together.
They even dare to take time out, thereby creating a lull in the proceedings, and know how to sing very quietly whilst sustaining maximum sound quality.

Release concert CD “Claudin Patoulet”
Vocal ensemble surprisingly good on new CD.For its first recording, the Haarlem group. Barbers & Bishops opted for the sacred side of its dual personality: the ten singers sound surprisingly homogeneous on their first CD. Even Patoulet’s six-part magnus opus “De Sancto Cornelio” is performed with great crispness.